About Us

About Us

Our company, residential, office, hospital, hotel, shopping center, industrial facility, bank, school, etc. in accordance with international and local standards. Such as project design, customs, area control service, energy identity document preparation, discovery and quantity services for mechanical systems.

EVA PROJECT has an expert and experienced project management team to complete difficult and complicated projects before the expected delivery date. In all of its works, the basic principle is to optimize energy efficiency and investment and handling costs.

At the same time, LEED, BREEAM and green building concepts such as engineers who have experience in project planning experience, sustainable energy resources are also used in environmental projects have the knowledge to lead.

Our Mission

Fundamental working principles in the projects he undertakes; To provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, to fully fulfill the commitments defined by the contract and to provide the required qualities using the most advanced technology and the most experienced workforce,

Growing healthy in the sector, To be a reputable global company that is known for its reliability, entrepreneurship, success and prestige in the light of national and universal values ​​in this sector it operates and to contribute to the development of the society, region and country that it is in the first place with qualified people who are traveling together in this process.

We continue to work with our goal and consciousness to be among the most reliable companies in Turkey.